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Bidding to See My New Book

I have written emails to everyone who has participated in the auction and put in a bid to have a look at my new book before it appears.   I *believe* I have managed to contact everyone.  If you did put in a bid but did *not* received (today) an email about it, and about what happens in the auction now, please send me an email at behrman@email.unc.edu    Many thanks!

I will announce the amount raised at the end of the week.

Volunteers Needed! Readers for Audio Versions of the Posts. You Interested?
Would You Like to Read My New Book NOW Instead of When It Gets Published???



  1. Avatar
    jogon  January 15, 2020

    Hi Bart, off topic but in Polycarp to the Philippians chapter 6 he writes “ Polycarp 6:3 Let us therefore so serve Him with fear and all reverence, as He himself gave commandment and the Apostles who preached the Gospel to us and the prophets who proclaimed beforehand the coming of our Lord“ (That’s the lightfoot translation).

    Do you think he means that the apostles preached to himself and the Philippians in person as in they met them or do you think he means “us” as all Christians collectively?

    • Bart
      Bart  January 15, 2020

      Christians collectively: jsut as was the case for the prophets. And hey, why are you using Lightfoot when you could be using the most recent Loebs? 🙂

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