Two brief blog-related issues, one involving a birthday and the other my speaking gigs.

The birthday – well, it kind-s involves the blog.   This Thursday (October 5) is my birthday.  62.  Who would-a thought?   And who cares?  (Apart from me…)

Well … I bet you’re wondering what you should get me for my birthday.  Here’s an idea, suggested by two blog members already:  How bout you get me a donation to the blog?

None of the money would come to me, of course.  But it would make me SO happy.  I’d love to be able to gather a chunk of change for the charities we all support.   They’d be happy, I’d be happy – everyone would be happy.

It’s very, very easy to donate: just hit the Donate button on the landing page and BINGO: you’re in.   I hope you can do it!

The speaking gigs.  I’ve had a number of requests to post my speaking schedule for this academic year.  OK, I’ll do that soon.   The reason I haven’t posted the schedule is that for the most part I decided to take the semester off.  I have a couple of things this term (one local that’s already over with; the one in Boston I’ve already mentioned).  But basically, I thought I would back off this semester.

And it’s been *fantastic*.  I’ve actually had some weekends!  Wow, aren’t *those* amazing phenomena?  Haven’t seen them for a very long time.

But next semester I start having some gigs here and there, mainly east coast.   Some are up in the air for now.  But soon I’ll post what I’ve got and update as soon as I’ve gotten more.

In the meantime, I’ll keep slugging away on the Blog.  If you have any suggestions for it – whether for setting it up and improving how it’s done, or for topics for me to cover, or for whatever strikes your fancy, let me know, as we plow onward here in our sixth year!