To:  Members of the CIA.  And potential members of the CIA.  And anyone else who wants to be involved.

From: The Director of the CIA

Re: Overt operations

OK, so here’s the deal.  A couple of weeks ago I published a post indicating how we were doing now just over five months into this blog.   A number of you commented about the number of posts that I’m doing, many of you (not all) indicating that it seemed like a lot, and some (not all) suggesting that fewer might be better.   That got me thinking.  I wonder if some people are turned off by the blog because there is simply too much information on it, and it’s a drag feeling like one has to plow through it all.  That, obviously, would be counterproductive for what I want to achieve (which is maximum subscribers, to raise as much money for charity as I can).   And so it occurred to me: maybe I should simply ask you, the readers, what you would prefer. 

So this is a kind of CIA survey.  I would appreciate it if you would respond, by *commenting* on this post (NOT by sending me an email, or, well, any other mode of communication).  I will not approve the comments for the blog, but will simply tally up the results, report them, and then act accordingly.  Your response should take about 15 seconds.   I have three things I want to know:  how many posts per week would be optimal; what the size of those posts should optimally be; and whether in your opinion the answer to either question would affect how many people joint the blog.  Just give quick answers (e.g., by commenting:  2-3 week; 900-1000 words; no I don’t think it would matter – or whatever you think.

So the issues and choices

(1)    How many posts per week do you think would be optimal for the blog?  2-3? 4-5? 5-6?  (For point of reference, I now do about 6 on average.)

(2)    What in your opinion would be an optimal size: 300 words?  500 words?   750 words?  1000 words?  1250 words?  (For reference: most of them now are 700-1100, I would guess)

(3)    Do you think much more or less from what you’re suggesting would affect membership in a negative way? 

     Many thanks!

     And please remember – donations to the Bart Ehrman Foundation (in addition to your subscription fees) are ALWAYS WELCOME.  All the money goes to the charities fighting hunger and homelessness that I have discussed elsewhere on the blog.