As you may know, a number of Volunteers devote their time and talents to the blog, making  it work, succeed, thrive, and grow.  And an important position has now opened up.

We have a special need for someone who is skilled in social media of all kinds.  

For some time now we have been highly fortunate to have a skilled volunteer taking on this task,, more or less behind the scenes.  She needs now to move on to other things.  Life calls!

And now the blog is calling in response.  We need to expand our blog horizons and develop our potential, with the  goal of significantly increasing our membership so as to achieve our dual objectives of spreading expert knowledge about the New Testament and Early Christianity to a wider world and, concomitantly, raising more funds for charity.

Our ideal volunteer would be someone experienced, skilled, and creative in posting to social media:  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more!  Among other things, the ability to create short clips from existing videos and post to Reels would be a plus.  (Or at least the ability to learn to do so.)

We want/need someone who is energetic and proactive in finding and exploiting new social media opportunities.  This person should be someone who has been a reader of the blog for some time, who both knows and passionately supports our mission.

As a Perk, blog volunteers are invited to a monthly webinar with me on a topic of their own choosing.  It ain’t a six-figure salary, but hey — the work goes to a good cause and, in addition to regular webinars, you will win many stars in your crown.

If you’re interested, please email a description of your social media experience and tell us why you would like to volunteer for the position.  Address:  [email protected] with the subject line “Social Media.”