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Buying David Lambert’s Book at Discount

Dear Ehrman Blogging Crowd,

I just received the following from David Lambert, hopefully of some interest to you!  Here is what he says:

A couple of comments on the Facebook page complained about the price of the book. I received a code from Oxford that would allow people to purchase the book for a bit less if they were interested. I checked, and it looks like they’re still honoring it. Do you think it might be possible to post that in some fashion in connection to my posts? The link for the book is: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/how-repentance-became-biblical-9780190212247?q=david%20lambert&lang=en&cc=us . The code that needs to be entered to receive the 30% discount is: AAFLYG6.


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  1. Avatar
    Jana  January 28, 2016

    Actually, I’m waiting for your Bible to come down in price or “used” on amazon.com! 🙂 Like many here in my pueblo, sick … and with lots of reading to catch up on! From reading what I have, I realized that emotionally I’ve changed towards Christianity to that of antipathy.

  2. Greg Matthews
    Greg Matthews  January 28, 2016

    It can be purchased for 30% off or better from Amazon if you buy from “other buyers”, but this is a limited quantity.

  3. Avatar
    RonaldTaska  January 29, 2016

    Thanks. I look forward to reading it.

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