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Today is the 8th anniversary of the Bart Ehrman Blog!   A day to celebrate.  But also to commiserate.  Who, on April 3, 2012, would have expected that eight years later we would be in the midst of the most serious world-wide crisis in our lifetime?

I will celebrate the past eight Blog years in my next post.   Today I want to announce the Blog’s response to our crisis.

We all know a major part of the current tragedy: many millions of people suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed.   Blog members among them.   And wannabe blog members.   The vast majority of these millions suddenly have limited or no income.  Disaster.

Most of them also have extra time on their hands with little to do.  Let’s give them something.  Why not read a helpful blog instead of ..  doing something less helpful?  Engage the mind.  Learn.  Think.  Reflect.

The combination of economic disaster and unwanted free time prompts an obvious Blog Offer.

Anyone who is not already a blog member can join the blog for FREE for two months starting NOW.     Here is the announcement now found on the HomePage.



In view of the terrible crisis we are all experiencing, I would like to offer a FREE two-month subscription to the blog to ANYONE who wants it, from April 3, 2020 to June 3, 2020.   The membership will be valid for two months from the date you sign up.   Those eligible: anyone who is not currently a paid member of the blog.   There are no other requirements, other than wanting to see what the blog is all about and have access to it.  Please tell anyone and everyone you know that they can join too, free of charge.

If, instead, you would like to join the blog and pay for the subscription, we would very much appreciate that as well – every penny you pay goes directly to charities dealing with the very needy.  The ultimate goal of the blog is to help the poor, the homeless, and the hungry, and so all you pay goes to exceedingly good causes.  But if you would like the Free two-month membership — it is on offer, no strings attached

SO – if you know anyone in the universe who would like to see what the blog is all about, please tell them.

If you are currently a member and your membership runs out in this period — as soon as you are not a paying blog member, you are eligible too.  If you want to take advantage of the offer, cancel your membership (It will not cancel itself!  And we can’t cancel it for you, since that would mean we could control your PayPal account, and I think you would agree, that would not be a good idea….).  (The cancellation will take place only after the period for which you’ve already paid).  Then take the free offer.  When the offer expires, you can always then join again.

For those of us not in dire circumstances, or who don’t need to take advantage of the offer:  This is obviously a hard time for virtually EVERYONE.   We would still like to keep the Blog viable – meaning, we still want to raise money for charity.  The Charities we are supporting now during this crisis are all taking care of the neediest of the needy:    The Food Bank of North Carolina; Doctors without Borders, CARE International; and the Urban Ministries of Durham.    We would like to *increase* our support.

And so, if you feel moved to make a donation to help us in providing these free memberships, please do so!  We appreciate deeply all your support.

Most important: we have no way of advertising this except through my limited social media and word of mouth.  By you.  So please:





Blog Anniversary, 2020!
Is The End Today???



  1. NulliusInVerba
    NulliusInVerba  April 3, 2020

    Thank you for this blog. Especially in these times of distancing and isolation it is a most welcome means of staying connected.

  2. Avatar
    RonaldTaska  April 3, 2020

    Eight years, Wow! Quite an accomplishment.

  3. Avatar
    roy  April 3, 2020

    very gracious of you, awesome

  4. Avatar
    rivercrowman  April 4, 2020

    April 3, 2012 marks the birth of the Bart Ehrman blog. Historically, that’s worthy of note. Not long after, I acquired Bart’s book “Jesus, Interrupted.” … Wonderfully, the first page of that book lists numerous other books in “Also by Bart D. Ehrman.”

  5. Avatar
    WayneBorean  April 4, 2020

    And man was that math question tough! It nearly defeated me,

    Joke aside, thank you very much. I find the concepts in your writing fascinating, and look forward to doing a lot of reading!

  6. Avatar
    Damian King  April 4, 2020

    Hey Bart. I had a question about your upcoming book: Heaven and Hell… Where does Islam fit into all of this? Muslims have the idea of a conscious eternal afterlife either in heaven or hell… Was this also borrowed from the Greeks? Did the historical Muhammad preach this?

    • Bart
      Bart  April 5, 2020

      I don’t deal with Islam in my book, since I’m dealing with the question of where the Christian ideas came from, centuries before Islam was on the scene. My sense is that Muslims picked it up from Xns rather than pagan Greeks.

  7. AndrewBaranowski
    AndrewBaranowski  April 17, 2020

    Hey, speaking of free things, I heard The Great Courses Plus is offering a free one month subscription because of the COVID-19 crisis. I know Professor Ehrman has done a number of different lectures for the Great Courses, and I was excited to sign up for the free one month membership to watch Dr. Ehrman’s courses, but of course there are many Great Courses on many different subjects, enough to keep anyone busy watching for a long time! I’m sure Dr. Ehrman is already aware of the free one month offer, but I just thought I’d comment about it in case anyone was interested in checking it out! It’s very worth it, the videos are high quality and the lectures are rich with information and cover such a wide range of topics that anyone can find something they’re interested in!

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