Last week I gave two Zoom lectures, recorded for my undergraduate course on the New Testament, and invited all of you to come.  It went extremely well and a good time was had by all.  Well, OK, a good time was had by *me*!   After the second lecture we had about 30 minutes of Q&A, all very lively.

I’m going to do it again *this* Sunday.  Wanna to hear them?  Then come!  There would be no charge per se, but I would like to ask for a (completely voluntary) donation to the blog.

This will be Sunday, Jan. 31..  I will give two lectures (different times this week!), one at 1:00 and the other at 2:15.  Each lecture will take about 40-45 minutes.  The topics this time:

  •  “The Oral Traditions about Jesus Before the Gospels.”  This is the most controversial talk my students have ever heard about Jesus. I explain how the stories about Jesus were circulated and came to be changed, and even invented, in the years before the Gospel writers heard them and wrote them down.  Pretty important stuff!
  • “What Are the Gospels Really?  How Scholars View the Earliest Accounts of Jesus.”   Are the Gospels historically accurate biographies?  Fairy Tales?  Something in between?  Says who?  And why?  Even those who think they know the answers won’t know a lot of what’s in this lecture.

So, are you interested?  Feel free to join us.  My suggested donation is a minimum $10 to listen to one of them and $15 to listen to both (there is no maximum donation ?). After the second lecture I will take questions from three attendees for 30 minutes (which will not be included on the recording I send to the students).   Which three?   The three largest donors for the lecture(s) over $100.  Everyone else, of course, is free to listen in.  (To make things fair: if you bid a larger amount and are disappointed about not being one of the three, you are under no obligation: make your donation any amount you choose!)

All the donations will go directly to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

In case you wondered, I have no plans to make these lectures generally available.  The recordings will be for my class only.

If you want to attend, all you need do is respond by clicking this link!

Everyone who responds by 11:00 am on Sunday morning will received a Zoom link by noon.

If you have any questions about how it will work, let me know.