I am now virtually finished with all my research for my book on the afterlife, and after mopping up a few loose ends, I should be able to start writing next week.  It’s been a two-year adventure so far.

I always find it amazing how much you can learn in two years of intense research on a topic that you already know (or think you know) a good deal about.   The way I can check on how much I’ve progressed is by looking at my early notes on the topic.   Almost always, when I decide I’m going to write a book, I jot down all my initial ideas of what I want the book to contain, what kinds of insights I want to discuss in it, what direction I want it to go, how I’m viewing the topic at the time.   Then, at the end (now!) I look back at what I wrote at the beginning, and I think – this happens every time – Oh my God!   I was *so* ignorant and unaware!!

That’s kind of scary in its way, since the reason I wanted to write the book in the first place was …

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