I am very pleased to announce that we have a new addition to the Blog.   This could help you, me, and a person you love.  Or like.  Or would like to like.   A friend, a colleague, a family member.   The new addition: the possibility of a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION.

Many, many of you know of someone who would benefit from the blog.   By giving a gift subscription, you would make it possible.    It’s obvious why that would be a benefit to the person to whom you give the gift.  They would have full access to these virtually daily discussions of all things having to do with the New Testament and Christianity in Antiquity.  The gift It benefits you because you feel oh so good about yourself.  And it benefits me because it contributes to my ultimate objective in running the blog in the first place – raising revenues for charities that deal with hunger and homelessness.

And so I would like to challenge all of you to think of someone who would enjoy being on the blog.   Or, well, someone that you think *should* enjoy being on the blog.

gift_subscriptionTo give the gift subscription you will need to know the person’s name (it get’s harder), their email address, AND their proposed user name and password.   I suppose you could come up with these yourself if you didn’t want to ask them in advance.   Once you fill out the very simple form, you will then be charged a one-time payment for a year’s membership.  Unlike your own membership, this one will not renew automatically at the end of the year.

You will see the button to click for a gift subscription brightly highlighted on the landing page of the blog.  If you have any questions about it all, let me know.

PLEASE think about giving a subscription.  Or two.  Or twenty-nine.   The world will be a better place if you do!