I’ve been providing a thread on the issue of why it’s so hard to know if we have an “original” text of any of the writings of the New Testament, both because some of the books are cut-and-pasted versions of earlier texts and because we don’t have any of the originals of the texts but only later copies with lots of differences among them.

I’ll end the thread with three posts that asking why it might matter to anyone if we don’t know the exact words of the New Testament.   Here’s a succinct question I received on the matter a good while ago.


How significant are these variants? I know they vary but is there anything fundamental to Christendom that would be fundamentally flawed like the virgin birth or the resurrection that does not take place in these variants that are of material value?


It’s a really good question.  I don’t know if this reader is a conservative Christian or has read what my conservative evangelical critics have said about this – as they make it one of their main points.  But let me respond at some length — to them, rather than to him.

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