Dear Faithful Blog Participants (or even Unfaithful Ones):

An announcement.  Starting July 16 I am going on a hiking expedition and will be off the grid for ten days.  I’m not sure if I’ll have any Internet access or not.   But not to fear (as if you would fear….): I will not leave the Blog forsaken.  I have compiled blog posts enough for the week, and my all-reliable assistant Steven, to whom each of us owes a mountain of debt, will be posting them on a schedule I have given him.

SO … there will be ample posts for you to ponder.

The somewhat bigger issue is that I won’t be able to read and approve comments.   That’s an increasingly large problem since, these days, we are getting 40-70 comments each and every day.

If it turns out that I do get some Internet access over the course of my meanderings over the earth, I will approve comments, as many as I can.  But if not, they will simply have to wait until I get back.  Sorry ‘bout that.  But I’m assuming and hoping we will all live to see brighter days ahead.

In the meantime, enjoy the posts!


  • Bart