Is the reason women are treated better in today’s society than virtually any time in human history (as often bad as it is now, oh boy was it worse in, say, 1950, or 950, or 50), because of the beneficent influence of true Christianity?   That is the thesis of the recent work of an evangelical Christian named Glenn Schriver, and I had a remote debate with him about it.  You can watch it here.

It appeared on one of my favorite interview programs in the world (literally, since it’s in London), Unbelievable hosted by Justin Brierley.  Oh boy, that program regularly interesting.  Every week Justin regularly sets up discussions/debates, often between a well-educated evangelical Christian spokesperson and a decidedly non-evangelical / non-Christian — e.g., well, people like me.

Justin is a terrific interviewer / moderator (he himself is a Christian interested in apologetics). I’ve done his show a bunch of times, and it’s always interesting.  Check out the webpage: https:

This particular back and forth happened a couple of months ago.  I must admit, I often get riled up by claims about the Bible that I think are just wrong; I get even more riled up when these claims involve social issues that seriously affect peoples actual *lives*.  This show was all about that.  It was called:  Bart Ehrman v Glen Scrivener: Did Christianity give us our belief in equality, compassion & consent?

I hope you find it interesting. (I found it a bit painful….).