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Is The End Today???

Just got this email, as my book has now appeared today.  Ha!

Prof. Ehrman,

      I thought you’d get a kick out of this) So here I am, working in the home office like a lot of people today, when my wife comes downstairs and informs me that our Amazon device just announced that Heaven and Hell were coming today. !!!!! You can imagine the surprise one might get when this thing just announces out of nowhere that the apocalypse is today. Hilarious!!!

Fresh Air Interview for Heaven and Hell: Airing Tuesday!



  1. Avatar
    pkoutoul  March 31, 2020

    Amazon just told me that Heaven & Hell will be “arriving Thursday by 8 pm.” Contrary to Jesus, Amazon does indeed know the day and the hour. This is one apocalypse I’m really looking forward to!

  2. epicurus
    epicurus  March 31, 2020

    It should announce it which a John Hagee voice for true authenticity.

  3. Avatar
    godspell  March 31, 2020

    Lamentably, I’m stuck at home, with no wifi. (Because cable wifi gives me tinnitus). So the Apocalypse will just have to wait. Though I could read it on my computer. I prefer my Kindle.

    • Avatar
      godspell  April 1, 2020

      It’s on my Kindle now, and I’m several chapters in.

      Obviously nobody could have known the book would come out at a time when most of the world was thinking seriously about dying.


  4. Avatar
    longdistancerunner  March 31, 2020

    Got it on my kindle last night.
    There is a heaven in all this hell.,
    On my second workout yesterday, I ran 4 miles on grass at an empty closed golf course.
    Had the whole golf course to myself…grass!
    In the 10 years I’ve lived here that would have been impossible before…
    I thought I’d died and gone to uh… heaven.

  5. Avatar
    Hormiga  March 31, 2020

    It dropped into the Kindle this morning. Something to do in the long weeks ahead.

  6. Avatar
    Hon Wai  March 31, 2020

    Your book is highly relevant for the current times, in preparing people for what is soon to come.

  7. Avatar
    Marble13  March 31, 2020

    Am listening now to your interview with Terry Gross. Great job, stimulating ideas, challenging thoughts, a great job expressing your views. Clear, concise, right on. Glad was able to listen and learn. Thank you.

  8. fefferdan
    fefferdan  March 31, 2020

    More shocking [fake?] news from Alexa. The promised Bread of Life has been canceled! Yesterday my Amazon device told me that my lo-carb bread mix had been left at my door. But when I checked, there was nothing. Going online, I discovered that the product has been discontinued. So much for “I stand at the door and knock.”
    At least they gave me a refund.

  9. Avatar
    LeRoy  March 31, 2020

    I very much enjoyed listening to the NPR interview with Terry Gross today. It was interesting how Terry directed the conversation into a theological discussion of the current pandemic.

    I found your exposition of the message of Easter inspiring.

  10. Avatar
    Riedez  March 31, 2020

    Very nice,
    I just received the book, in the Netherlands. So indeed this is worldwide event. I’m glad to have time to read it and try to understand.
    So thanks for your book in these times of troubles!


  11. Avatar
    duaneep  March 31, 2020

    I read many things from the Freedom from Religion Foundation regarding efforts by churches and other religious organization to have public schools offer classes on religion. Very likely these various entities have course work ready to provide, or are already providing to parochial schools, that they are eager to offer to public schools. Likely none of these would use a historical approach to religion like you do for your college level courses. Have you or anyone you know worked on course curriculum that would be appreciate for high school level students?
    The advocates for religion seem to be increasing their efforts by exploiting the Covid 19 crisis. (It’s happening because prayer and religion have been “kicked out or the nation’s classrooms so therefore we must all suffer.) The availability a historically oriented course they would have to compete with should dampen their enthusiasm and hopefully force them to retreat to their churches.

  12. Avatar
    Zak1010  March 31, 2020

    Can’t be today. Jesus must come back first.
    Now that would be great. Read all the comments on the blog on that day.

  13. Avatar
    Thomasfperkins  March 31, 2020

    Great interview on Fresh Air today.

  14. Avatar
    karen  March 31, 2020

    Finally! Can’t wait to read it!!

  15. Avatar
    shannon@gawsystems.com  March 31, 2020

    I just purchased the Audible version (I usually end up getting the Kindle versions too). I have been an Audible listener since that service started. It’s always interesting to see if authors read their own work. In my opinion, professional narrators usually do a better job, but there are exceptions.
    Given you are a professor, debater, and Great Courses presenter – i.e., a proven articulate and motivating speaker – what is your decision process for choosing whether to narrate your own books? I enjoyed your narration of “Truth and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code”, but you seem to have engaged narrators for the other books. I bet the narration is a lot of work – is that the deciding factor?

    • Bart
      Bart  April 1, 2020

      My decision is really very simple. It is so terribly BORING to record your own book for days on end that I just can’t make myself do it!

  16. Avatar
    timcfix  March 31, 2020

    Well yes the book did arrive today. That should account for something.

  17. Avatar
    Tim_Cottingham  April 1, 2020


  18. Avatar
    APOCALYPSE  April 1, 2020

    Funny! I have been waiting this book for so long. Pre-ordered it in January. And here comes coronavirus. I happen to live in Spain where the death rate is very high as restrictive are the confinement measures our government has taken. Amazon informed us that the book will take weeks to arrive. I hope you all take care of yourselves.

    • Bart
      Bart  April 3, 2020

      Thanks. Keep safe. Horrible situation you’re facing over there.

  19. Avatar
    zwiefldraader  April 3, 2020

    At home with my wife and three children. Love all my four girls – but in Corona-times being all together in our flat means… Heaven&Hell arrives each morning when getting up and will do so for quite some time in the future…

  20. Avatar
    Marble13  April 3, 2020

    Wife just ordered your book for both of us to read during this time of being homebound. Surprised that Schuler books carried it and hopefully will arrive in a few days. Thanks for your scholarship and insights.. Stay safe..

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