Jesus believed that destruction was coming for some people, and salvation for others.  So did the author of Revelation.  So what’s the difference?

Big difference.  In modern terms, Jesus’ views of who would be saved were non-discriminatory.  That is, they were not based on who a person was, but what she did.  It did not matter if she was a she or a he; if she was a Jew or a gentile; if she believed one set of things or another; if she came from one nation/nationality or another.  What mattered was how she lived.

Other Jews at the time probably had similar views, but they are striking on the lips of Jesus.  Salvation does not come necessarily to Jews by virtue of being the chosen ones.  It comes to anyone who lives a life of love, caring for others, especially those in need.

To see this, consider two passages from the Gospel of Luke.  First note

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