As most of you know, there are four charities that the Bart Ehrman Blog supports.  Two of them are international:  CARE and Doctors Without Borders.  Two of them are local to me: The Food Bank of North Carolina and the Urban Ministries of Durham.   I very much wish we could support all of them more and more — they are all superb organizations.

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But I have a special soft spot for the Urban Ministries of Durham.  Despite its name, it is not a religious organization.  It is the principal organization that deals with hunger and homelessness in my community.  It’s a huge task.  But what is really amazing about UMD is that they are not interested in simply putting a band-aid on the problem, for example by having a soup kitchen and an emergency shelter.

They do have those, and a clothes pantry and a food pantry and much more.  BUT what is really impressive is that they work very hard at *eliminating* homelessness (and hunger), by getting homeless people into jobs and into their own homes.  That is their ultimate mission, and they are showing how it can be done.   It is absolutely remarkable.

This Blog supports them more than any other charity, both because they are my “local” and because they do such outstanding work that has long term (not just over night) effects.  (Please remember that you can donate to the Blog at any time from the footer of any page, and every dime will go to these charities, all of whom need our help as much as we can give it.)

Anyway, the dynamic and visionary director of Urban Ministries, Patrice Nelson, has sent a thank you note to all of us, and I share it with you here.