Back to my narrative about becoming trained in the Bible (as a prelude to what I started talking about — why my later technical training actually made me better prepared for writing books for general audiences than my peers who were not at all interested in the technical side of things).  So, I went to Moody Bible Institute – and took that entrance Bible exam – when I was all of seventeen years old.   And it was during my first semester that I decided what I wanted to do with my life.

I really, really, really do not advise doing that.  For 99.999% of the human race, it would be a very bad idea indeed to decide how to spend the rest of your life when you’re all of seventeen and can’t even yet order a beer (drinking age back then, in the Pleistocene age, was eighteen) (and anyway, we weren’t allowed to drink beer at Moody) (or smoke, play cards, dance, or go to movies) (really) (and there was a dress code).   But I’m in the .001% and I did decide and it worked for me.

My first semester at Moody I took five courses, as I recall, on a variety of topics related to Bible, theology, and ministry, but the one I remember and that made the biggest impact on me was a class on the Gospel of John.  An entire semester in that class of nothing but John.  I thought it was *fantastic*, precisely the thing I wanted to do in college.

The professor was …

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