These are trying times.  But here is a bit of good news, especially for those having a tough go of it.  Thanks to the incredible ongoing generosity of members of the blog, there are still a limited number of free one-year memberships available.   These have been donated for a single purpose: to allow those who cannot afford the annual membership fee to participate on the blog for a year.   I will assign these memberships strictly on the honor system: if you truly cannot afford the membership fee, but very much want to have full access to the blog, then please contact me.

Do NOT reply here, on the blog, as a comment.   Send me a separate email, privately, at [email protected].   In your email, please provide the following points of information.

  1. An indication of why you need a free membership (as opposed to a paid one): just a few words about your circumstances.
  1. Your Name
  1. Preferred Email
  1. Preferred Username
  1. Preferred Password
  1. Country Of Residence (we need to supply this because of our tax-exempt status)

The donors will remain anonymous, but here let me publicly extend my heartfelt thanks for such kind and generous donations to help others.