This Sunday I will be giving two more live Zoom lectures on the Gospels to anyone who wants to come. They will be recorded for my undergraduate course on the New Testament.  There will be a 30-minute Q & A to follow the second one.

There is no charge per se, but I would like to ask for a donation to the blog in exchange, if you can see your way clear to do it.  If not, that’s fine – we all have our circumstances!  But one of the main reasons I’m doing these lectures is to raise money for the Food Bank of North Carolina; as with all food banks right now, it is in desperate need.  Your donation is completely tax deductible.

Here is the info you need:

  • Time: Sunday, Feb. 28.  1:00 pm first lecture; 2:15 second (EST)
  • Lectures will each last about 50 minutes.
    • First LectureJesus as a Divine Man in the Gospel of John
      This lecture goes to the heart of the Gospel John and its distinctive portrayal of Jesus.  Both the author of John and Jesus himself in his teachings declare that he is a divine being come down from heaven.  That is not at all the message of the other three Gospels.  How does this author understand it?  How can Jesus be both divine and human at once?
    • Second Lecture: Early Christian Gnosticism
      Gnosticism is one of the most fascinating and least understood forms of early Christianity.  In this lecture we will look at how we can know anything about the various intriguing and mysterious forms of Gnosticism, and explore the various views they had in common that made them very different from the kind of Christianity that has come down to us today.
  •  So, are you interested?  Feel free to join us.  As you know, these lectures are meant to raise money for those in need (see below).  Can you donate a bit?  My suggested minimum donation is $10 for one of the the lectures and $15 for both together (there is no maximum donation!).
  • Three participants will be allowed to ask the questions at the end.  These will be the three highest donors.
  • In weeks past we have had a number of people donate $50; to be among the top three, you’ll probably need to go a bit higher.  But of course, it’s completely up to you!  And everyone, donor or not, is absolutely welcome to hear the Q&A.  The last few weeks we have heard some terrific questions, some of them difficult to answer.  Bring on the zingers!

As indicated, all donations will go directly to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

In case you wondered, I have no plans to make these lectures generally available.  The recordings will be for my class only.

If you want to attend, all you need do is respond by letting us know, here: Register for my Sunday Lectures

Everyone who responds by 11:00 am on Sunday morning will receive a Zoom link by noon, via email from [email protected].

If you have any questions about how it will work, let me know.