This won’t be full post, as I’m taking the day off.   But I did want to thank everyone who responded to my question about how the blog was going.   If you haven’t responded yet, feel free to do so!  I do want to hear from you.

There were two comments that have recurred repeatedly that I want to deal with.

  • Lots of people have expressed a wish that there was a search function for the blog.   And, well, there is!  If you’ll go the upper right side of your screen on any post, you’ll see a magnifying glass.  Click that.  You can search for anything you like.
  • Others have said that they would like a topical catalogue of posts.   There is a *rough* one that is indeed always available, as you’ll see by going to the Member Landing Page or by clicking on Latest Posts.  Topics are broad:  Greco-Roman Religions; New Testament Gospels; Paul and Pauline Letters; etc.  If you are interested in a different, more specific topic, just search for it using the search function.

Thanks again for all the comments, and always feel free to tell us more about how we can improve.