Hey Fellow Bloggers,

     Here is a reminder that we have a lottery going on with prizes!   Entry deadline is in FIVE days.  Interested?  Here is the original announcement, with all the details.


I am very pleased to announce that the Blog’s ten-year anniversary is on April 18!   We have been going at it this whole time, ten years, non-stop!  HA!   Tempus is fugiting….

We are celebrating the upcoming date in a variety of ways.  There will be at least one celebratory event,  special announcements, reposting of favorite posts from years gone by, and a couple of fundraisers.   Today I announce the first fundraiser.   A LOTTERY with prizes, with all proceeds going to disaster relief in Ukraine.

As to the Lottery:  Each ticket is $10 and you can buy as many  as you like.  So if you want to have a shot (see prizes below), buy one!  If you want to increase the odds, buy more.  The limit to the number you can buy is ….  well, it is limitless.

Tickets can be purchased UNTIL MIDNIGHT APRIL 18 (the anniversary date itself).

ALL of the money will go to Ukraine relief, through one of the two charities we support that are doing amazing work in this most horrible of human-caused destruction, devastation, and disaster:  CARE International and Doctors Without Borders.  They desperately need funds.  We’d like to give them as much as we can.  So buying the lottery tickets will all be to a good cause, and all the funds you give will be tax deductible.

And the PRIZES!   We will draw ten names of ticket holders.   And there will be three prizes:

    • ALL TEN will be invited to a private 75-minute webinar with me: just me and the ten.  The topic will be anything that the ten want: they will each be able to propose a topic and then they’ll vote and then we’ll do it at an agreed-upon time.
    • The SECOND AND THIRD tickets (of the ten that are drawn) will have not just the webinar BUT ALSO a full hour, just the two of them, two-on-one with me.  To talk about anything they want: Q&A and discussion, just the three of us.
    • The FIRST ticket (of the ten) drawn will have the webinar and a FULL HOUR with me one-on-one.  If you are shy and don’t want one-on-one, we can accommodate that too!

SO, are you interested in celebrating the blog?  Are you interested in being one of the lucky winners?  Are you interested in providing much-needed help to those in dire need?  Participate!  Buy a ticket!  Buy 29,000 tickets!   Everyone who gets involved will have a chance, and everyone will be doing a good deed for those who need it.

To register: click on this link:   Blogaversary Lottery   At the site you are taken to you can indicate how many tickets you want, and you will receive instructions in a follow-up email about how to donate.

I hope you can participate!  I’m looking forward to celebrating ourselves and doing so in a way that will do some good in the world.