This is a good time for some feedback from you, the members of the blog!

We are very pleased with the roll-out of the new blog site, and hope you are as well.   The user experience appears to be much improved (or so it seems to us, and that is what we are hearing from you as well).  And yet it is still the same approach and format, with posts on a wide range of topics dealing with the New Testament and Early Christianity appearing five times a week, and readers (at the silver level and above) able to make comments and receive replies.  On Jan. 1 we will move from our crisis-inspired-trial offer of giving all bronze memberships privileges of silver.  At whatever level you are now, when your current subscription ends, you can choose to move to whichever level most suits you and your needs.

We received excellent feedback at the outset of the launch and have been able to tweak lots of things as a result.  There are still things we are working on from our end to improve what we can provide.  But what would *you* like? Now is a good time for us to request additional feedback.  Are there things that are not working as well as they should?  Are their some obvious or not-so-obvious improvements we could make?   What could we add, remove, or change to make the blog better?

Just append a comment to let us know, or if you’d prefer, contact Support directly:  [email protected]

As you know, the blog is designed to provide  as much scholarly information about the literature and history of early Christianity as possible, in ways that are accessible and intriguing for general readers.  It is also designed to raise money for charity.   We hope we are doing well meeting your interests; and we are pleased that we are doing so well helping these in need.  But we can always do much better.  Let us know how!