Introduction to the Bible: Part 1

Here is part of the opening statement in the first chapter of my Introduction to the Bible.  (It is only in rough draft -- but it gives you an idea of what I have in mind at the outset, trying to convince readers that it is indeed worthwhile to study the Bible, whether one believes it or not.  Some of you may find these statistics a bit, well, unsettling.  :-) ) ************************************************************************************************************************ Arguably the most important reason for studying the Bible – especially from a historical point of view --  is because of its importance for the history of Western Civilization.   The dominant religion of Europe and the New World for the past 2000 years has been Christianity; and Christianity, as we will see, grew out of, and alongside of, Judaism.  Both religions continue to assert an enormous influence on our form of culture.  This is true not only on the individual level, as people are guided in their thoughts, beliefs, and actions by what they learn in these religions.  It is true on [...]