An Interlude: My Other CIA

This post is a one-day interlude from my posting on the textual problem of Luke’s passage on the “bloody sweat,” which was a sidetrack from my postings on problems I had with the NRSV, which were a sidetrack from my postings on my relationship with Bruce Metzger, which got started by a question about how he reacted to my loss of faith, a question I have not yet answered. This post is irrelevant to all that, but if I don’t post on it now, I never will. So, this blog is not the one and only Christianity in Antiquity in my life. The other is a reading group that I host once a month, of graduate students and faculty (mainly graduate students) from UNC and Duke, which I started, I don’t know 15 years or more ago, and that I called Christianity in Antiquity (CIA) because I thought I would be clever. My self-deception on such points, obviously, has still not worn off. FOR THE REST OF THIS POST, log in as a Member. Click [...]