Gospel of the Savior

I’ve decided today to take a brief break from my discussions of early Christology to post on something else (tomorrow I’m back to Christology, if all goes according to plan).   As I think I have mentioned, my colleague Zlatko Plese and I are in the process of publishing an English-only version of our book The Apocryphal Gospels: Texts and Translations.  That is, we are not including the Greek, Latin, and Coptic texts, but only the English translations.   I have adjusted the Introductions for a lay-audience.   We are adding a couple of texts that we did not include in the quadri-lingual edition, most notably “The Gospel of the Savior.”   This text is not well known outside the ranks of scholars of the early Christian apocrypha, and so I thought I would mention it here.  The following, in fact, is a draft of my Introduction (which will include bibliography as well): ***************************************************************************** The Gospel of the Savior is one of the most recent Gospels to become available to public view, having been first announced in the mid [...]