Dear Bart Ehrman Blog Members,

We have been having technical problems on the blog for the past couple of days.  A real pain in the wazoo.  Some wacko in St. Petersburg Russia (really!) managed to muck things up, so that my past two posts (erg…) did not appear, all the comments you made since Jan. 30  *disappeared*, and  I was blocked from accessing the blog myself.   That’s all that it was – nothing else.  But a big flippin’ pain.

Through his Herculean efforts, Steven has gotten it all back in shape, EXCEPT that (1) I have to repost my posts that I already posted that got trashed (I’ll do that this morning) AND, more important for you, (2) any comments that you made since Jan. 30 have been dissolved into the stratosphere and no longer exist.   So I don’t know what you said in your comments and cannot (re-)post them or reply to them.

So sorry about that.  If you remember what your comments were, go ahead and re-comment.  If you don’t, well, make something up.

Many thanks to Steven for putting in the hours to rectify the situation.  I literally could not do the blog without him, and so we are all in his debt.

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know!   Otherwise, onwards and upwards!


  • Bart