A couple of months ago I was contacted by a Ukrainian scholar, Mikhail Abakumov.  Mikhail had been forced to flee Donetsk because of the Russian invasion.   He is now in Poland continuing his theological studies (a thesis on Dietrich Bonhoeffer), doing charity in a work with Ukrainian refugees, and running a podcast.

Mikhail had heard about my book Armageddon and wanted to do an interview with me about it.  In the course of the interview he gave some information about how the book is understood among many Christians in the Ukrainian community, and it ain’t at all like it’s understood among Americans!

The interview was so interesting that I asked Mikhail to return the favor, and I’ve interviewed him for my Misquoting Jesus podcast; in that one I get to ask the questions and hear the unusually interesting answers.  That one will post in a few weeks.  But for now, here is the one Mikhail hosted and has now published on his turf.