In this post I want to explain why it is almost universally thought that the same author did not write the fourth Gospel and the book of Revelation, and then to show why the latter author was almost certainly not John the son of Zebedee, Jesus’ close disciple.  So far as I know, only fundamentalists today think that John the son of Zebedee did write the book of Revelation.   There are really only three things that speak in favor of this view:

(1) The author was someone named John (hey! If he was John he was John, right?  Well, John was a very common name, and he doesn’t claim to be *that* John)

(2) The book of Revelation, like the Gospel of John, speaks of Christ as a lamb who was slain and thinks of him as the Word of God (that shows that it had similar views, not that it had the same author)

(3) Church tradition for centuries has maintained that John the son of Zebedee was the author.

The evidence on the other side of the equation, however, is overwhelming.  To begin with, there can really be no doubt that whoever wrote the book of Revelation, it was not the author of the Gospel of John.   That’s because the writing styles are massively different.

It is hard to show this without appealing to issues related to the Greek language in which both books were written, so let me just put it like this.  If you were to take any random page from a novel of James Joyce and then any random page from a novel of Stephen King, and ask yourself whether they were written by the same author, you would have zero problem realizing that they were by different authors.

It’s the same with the Gospel of John and the book of Revelation.  Their writing styles are wildly….

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