I resume here my thread on the book of Revelation, trying to situate it in its historical context.   This will not be a long thread, in no small measure because I am not an expert on this very complicated book and have not written extensively about it.  I’ve thought that maybe it would be a good trade book at some point, in which case I would spend a year or so reading everything.   And then I would have lots of other posts!  But if that happens, it will be some years down the line.  Assuming the world hasn’t been destroyed by that time.

Here I talk about putting Revelation into its historical context.  Again, this is taken from my textbook on the New          Testament.


The Revelation of John in Historical Context

I have already pointed out that the book of Revelation is virtually unique among apocalypses in that it does not appear to be pseudonymous.  I say that it does not “appear” to be pseudonymous because the author simply calls himself John without claiming to be a famous person from the past.

Some Christians of the second and third centuries claimed that this John was none other than the son of Zebedee, Jesus’ own disciple.  Others rejected this notion and as a result refused to admit the book into the Christian canon of Scripture.  I should point out that….

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