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Two More Openings for Blog Dinner in Durham, December 3. Interested?

Blogging friends!   I have learned that two of the participants for the fund-raising blog dinner on December 3 will not be able to come after all.   So there are two seats available.  Here is the original announcement.  If you’re interested, please let me know!  Tempus is fugiting.


On December 3, at 7:00 pm., I will be holding a new kind of blog event in Durham NC: a fund-raising dinner.  It will be at a nice restaurant to be named later.  We will have a maximum of seven places at the table (along with me, making eight).

For the fund-raising:  the event is $100 per plate, the money to be donated directly to the blog.    Each person will also pay for his or her own meal.

There will be no set agenda for the dinner.  It will be a chance to get to meet each other and talk about matters of mutual interest and importance, especially as they relate to the blog –anything connected, even remotely, with the New Testament and early Christianity.  The basic idea is that you will be able to pick my brain at will, and I may pick yours.

For any of the table members who want an add-on, with additional brain-picking potential: for an additional donation of $100 you can start with drinks with me at 5:30.   I should be good and jolly by meal time.

And a final option:  if anyone wants to join me after dinner for a one-hour, one-on-one: it will go to the highest bidder.

I have no clue if this will “work.”  But I’m very interested in meeting people on the blog, I like doing blog dinners, and I’m eager to find ways to contribute to one of the blog’s ultimate purposes, raising money for charity.

This offer is open to blog members only, and admission to the table will be first come, first served.  So zap me a reply sooner rather than later to know if you’re interested in dinner; and if so, in drinks; and if so, in an after dinner tête-a-tête.  Please don’t respond here, but to me privately via email:  behrman@email.unc.edu.



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  1. Christopher
    Christopher  November 18, 2019

    O man! I’m in Texas so that’s quite a dinner trip! But it would be worth it! I have got to try to catch you in one of these offers, sometimes, Dr. Ehrman!

  2. Avatar
    Judith  November 19, 2019

    Is there anything you won’t do to help others less fortunate?

    • Bart
      Bart  November 19, 2019

      That’s kind of you Judith. But I’m afraid I’m as self-centered as the guy next door. And he’s a real schumck. 🙂 (OK, I don’t actually have a guy living next door. But still…)

      • Avatar
        ShonaG  November 19, 2019

        You mean altruism is the subtlest form of egotism, it is but its also necessary for survival, we’re social animals take out the social and we cease to be. If it was in the other Durham I’d go. PS for anybody reading the other Durham is in the North of England stop sending my sister’s mail to Ireland.

  3. Avatar
    rivercrowman  November 19, 2019

    At one time, I lived in Raleigh. Oh, well.

  4. Avatar
    fishician  November 19, 2019

    I’ve had the privilege of dining with and talking with Dr. E – don’t pass up this opportunity! It’s worth the price of admission, especially since it goes to good charities.

  5. Avatar
    Schonny77  December 3, 2019

    Love your blog, books and videos. Would love to participate in a dinner. If you ever find yourself near Toronto, I’m in. Cheers and keep up the fantastic work.

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