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UGH. Lost Comments from April 6

Some bad news, I’m afraid.  Yesterday I went to review and post the comments that had come in the previous day (April 6, between noon and midnight).  There was only one.  Normally there are 40-50.   Yup, something was wrong.

Complicated story, but because of a weird technical difficulty involving the back-up system, the comments were sent into the stratosphere.  There were 42 of them.  If you made a comment then and saved it, please resubmit.  If you want to compose it again from scratch, do that.  If you don’t want to bother, I’m so sorry.  In fact, I’m so sorry all around.

This has obviously never happened before in our history.  We are working to make sure it will not happen again.  Apologies!!

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  1. Avatar
    KayEm  April 9, 2020

    The post from April 6 “The Social History Behind the Fourth Gospel” appears as a 404 – Page Not Found on my end. I have access to all other posts.

    • Bart
      Bart  April 10, 2020

      Oh dear. Still? No one else has mentioned it. (I hope you weren’t the only one trying to access it!)

      • Avatar
        marco_dorantes  April 10, 2020

        I also get same response code 404 Page Not Found for The Social History Behind the Fourth Gospel April 6, 2020 link: https://ehrmanblog.org/the-social-history-behind-the-fourth-gospel/

        Also, the link of the page where such response code is displayed is: https://ehrmanblog.org/wrong-membership-level/
        Hope this info helps to diagnose the root problem.
        Best regards.

        • Bart
          Bart  April 12, 2020

          Wweired. I’m getting it. And 20 people have commented on it!

      • Avatar
        MichaelM  April 16, 2020

        I can’t see it either – just the 404 death sentence.

        • Bart
          Bart  April 17, 2020

          I don’t get it. Maybe you need to refresh your browser? It’s there. I just checked yesterday and it is definitely there. 21 people have commented on it!

          • Avatar
            mathieu  April 17, 2020

            These things have a way of messing with the cache on your computer. Usually (not always) the solution is to restart your computer. Hope that works for most of you. As a data point, I see the blog post just fine.

  2. fefferdan
    fefferdan  April 9, 2020

    Someone needs to invent the discipline of biblical-critical e-archaeology, apparently.
    I can see it now, sometime in the next millennium: “Treasure Trove of Lost Blog Posts Uncovered!”

  3. Tuskensp
    Tuskensp  April 9, 2020

    No worries! We still love you Bart.

  4. Lev
    Lev  April 10, 2020

    Oh, I made a comment on the 6th, but it didn’t appear. The next day there were some new protocols announced, so I assumed my comment was deemed too snarky (although that wasn’t intended, and I didn’t think it was…) and my tail was between my legs. I’m now relieved to know there’s a possibility that was instead sent to comment hades/sheoul with the rest of them, rather than me breaching rules.

  5. Avatar
    bradseggie  April 13, 2020

    I suspect that Rose May Woods may have pushed the wrong button.

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