A while ago we had an unusually intriguing Movie Club event on the blog as a fundraiser.  The movie Tár with an absolutely stellar performance by Cate Blanchett was nominated for six academy awards; as you probably know, it was about the downfall of a brilliant woman who is an orchestra conductor.  As it turns out, an active member of the blog is an internationally known orchestra conductor, Gisele Ben-Dor (see: Gisele Ben-Dor Conductor – A champion of Latin American music ), and we asked her if she would lead a discussion on the movie from her vast experience.

It was terrifically interesting!  We recorded it and are now offering it for those who make a donation to the blog.   What about it?   The donations are tax deductible and you’ll find it a great experience!

To give it a shot:

First, go to the Blog Home page and scroll to the bottom to find the donation buttons.

Then, grab your invoice number from the email the blog just sent you, and head to the Tár Fundraiser Registration Form, enter your email address and invoice number, et voilà–you’ll get an email with links to the Movie Club proper as well as to the “Afterparty” discussion with Gisele.