As you probably know, we have audio versions of all the blog posts that are available for all Gold and Platinum level members.  The audio versions go out on the same day as the written posts themselves.  It’s a great benefit (if you’re not Gold level yet: consider it!).  But it takes a lot of work by volunteers who are very generous with their time.  The volunteers record each post, and they are then produced and published by Ben Porter, Chief Technology Officer (who does all the technology that makes the blog work).

We have two volunteers currently alternating in their reading of the posts, and we need to add another in order to keep the operation running smoothly.   Would you be interested?   To be considered, you would need to fill out a form and then submit an audition recording (all explained in the link below).

We are looking for someone with a very good reading voice.  The position would take time and commitment, but the position does NOT require a lot of technical expertise.  You will need a computer on which to record and edit out your mistakes, but we can provide a microphone if you need one.  The time commitment varies but you should plan on 2 to 3 posts every other week, and at least 30 minutes per post.

One small perk is that all volunteers for the blog can participate in a monthly webinar with me on a topic of the group’s choosing.  OK, it’s a token, but it’s something.

If you’d like to pursue the option: click the link below and go from there.  Many thanks for considering it!