I am at a critical juncture in my current writing project, and thought I could provide an update on my progress over a few posts.  Today I talk about titles

As I earlier indicated on the blog, I am tentatively calling the book:  The Triumph of Christianity: How the Followers of Jesus Destroyed the Religions of Rome.   I’m not sure what the final title will be – this is just what I’m working with for now.   The main title (Triumph of Christianity) is pretty secure, I think.  It is what I proposed to my publisher (Simon & Schuster) when I first floated a prospectus of the book before them to see if they were interested in publishing it, and they were (and I think are) enthusiastic about it.  The subtitle is simply the best I could come up with.  I rather like it, but I’m not sure they will.

Titles are complicated affairs, as I’ve mentioned (a long time ago) on the blog.  For an *academic* book (that is, a scholarly book written for scholars), most of the time, the author comes up with the title and the publisher goes with it.   I think for all of my academic books, the publishers have simply called it what I wanted to call it.  But that is changing a bit these days: publishers are becoming a bit more interventionist, even with academic titles.

The reason is that…

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