Before Christmas this year I read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  It’s a great story.   (Novella?  It’s about a hundred pages in my edition.)  I used to read it every year.  In my first marriage, for a number of years, my wife and I read it out loud to each other on Christmas Eve.

Just about everyone knows the story but almost always from the movies and stage productions.  Most of those are just fine, some are actually pretty good.  BUT, there is nothing like the book.  It’s extraordinarily moving, and even beyond that, the writing is fantastic.

For about thirty years now I’ve read high quality fiction, by which I mean fiction that is thoughtful and thought provoking and written by people who really know how to write.  Most novels aren’t written particularly well, but when you read one that is, you just sit back and admire.  My GOD that’s a fantastic sentence!  I wish *I* could write a sentence like that!  For my money, Dickens is one of the best of all time.  In terms of wit embodied in a phrase, he’s the best.

But I also read the book because it is such an amazing story of reformation of character.  I think a lot about reformation of character.  I’d like to have some myself.  I suppose we all need it.

In any event, it occurred to me that maybe I should write a post about what I’m reading just now.  If you want to respond by what you yourself are reading now, let us know!

I read a ton, of course, since, well, that’s my job.   But now that I’ve finished a draft of my book on Revelation, I’m not having to read for work and so can read other things.  I always have a novel going, even in the throes of deadlines.   And I don’t read a *lot* of non-fiction, since that’s what I write for a living; it’s a bit of a “busman’s holiday,” as my English wife says.   But I’m doing some now.   So here’s the list of what I’m reading.

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