Now that I’ve established that the earliest Christians came to think Christ was God (in some sense or other) and continued to think God was God, and yet thought there was only one God — I am able to move into the thinking and debates based on those views that eventually led to the doctrine of the trinity.  This seems like a good time to share a video produced five years ago or so in which I talk about the issue at a speaking gig I did at the Coral Gables Congregational Church in (as one would expect!) Coral Gables, Florida.   I did this gig soon after my book was published: “How Jesus Became God.”   The lecture was the third in a series I did at the church.  This was back when I did lectures in front of human beings instead of in front of  a computer screen.  Ah, the good ole days.

On future posts on the blog I’ll be going into considerably more detail, but this can give you the major nuts and bolts on the issue.

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