Have you ever wondered why fundamentalists are adamant Zionists?  (Did you know they were and historically always have been?)  It seems to outsiders a bizarre mystery: you love Israel but you hate Jews?  Well, OK, you say you love Jews, but how exactly do you show it?  By supporting Israel, I guess.  But Israel is a nation and the Jews are individual people, most of whom have nothing to do with the state of Israel, at least directly.  And even if you do love individual Jews, let’s be realistic here: you think that even though God is in favor of Israel, all the Jews will be going straight to hell.  What’s that all about?

Many fundamentalists, of course, believe that Jews in the end will be saved.  But not while remaining faithful Jews.  They will convert to become followers of Jesus.  So they will be saved as Christians, not as Jews.  Those who don’t convert, even the heroes of modern-day Israel, well… sorry..

If God is opposed to non-Christian Jews, why is he pro-non-Christian Israel?  And, apart from that theological question, why are fundamentalists?  That’s a historical question and actually has a historical answer, which happens to be based on the Bible.  I won’t give the full story here, but I will tell the rather odd and almost entirely unknown origin of it.

This is something I’ll be talking about in my book on the Apocalypse of John, currently under construction.  Here’s a draft of a bit of it.


The Christian interest in the modern state of Israel – strongly expressed in the American evangelical population still today – has its roots in the first decades of the 19th century in a rather serendipitous course of events involving a little-known figure named Lewis Way (1772-1840).  Way was an impoverished barrister who, like many others, had trouble finding clients; his little-used office was in the Inner Temple in London.  In October of 1799, an unrelated

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