This will be my last post on the question of whether Paul wrote 2 Thessalonians.  If you’ve been following all this, you know that my view is that he did not.  My sense is that a lot of people have trouble accepting that view simply because it’s not what they’ve always heard and thought.  It’s hard to change your mind about something that just seems sensible and right, even if you haven’t really given it much thought or attention.  We’re *all* inclined to think what we’ve always thought.

For most people, of course, the question doesn’t matter a twit.  Who CARES?   Well, some of us care.  And if you’re one who does, then I’d suggest being open to changing your mind if the evidence takes you in a different direction.  If you don’t want to change your mind, or are just on principle disinclined to do so, fair enough.  We all have to decide that to think and also what even not to bother thinking about. (But then why are you reading these posts?!?  J)

If you *are* open to changing your mind, and don’t find the evidence for this view (or for any other view, about any other thing – not just the NT or religion but about politics, social issues, morality, climate change, life choices, whatever) compelling, then I’d urge you to try to figure out what’s *wrong* with the evidence and how and why *other* evidence (rather than a gut feeling), is better (and not do so just because you *want* the other view to win out).

In any event, here’s the final bit of my case, where I discuss a couple of reasons that some scholars have continue dto insist that Paul did write 2 Thessalonians and show why, in my judgment, this view (which I used to hold!) is simply wrong.




It is interesting that the many stylistic and vocabulary similarities of 2 Thesssalonians with 1 Thessalonians (which I discussed in an earlier post) have led most advocates for the authenticity of 2 Thessalonians (i.e., those who think Paul wrote it) to claim that it was written on the heels of the other letter.

I think that’s actually a huge problem, precisely because…

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