Can My Students Believe in the Inerrancy of the Bible?



Do you ever get a student in your class who doggedly insists upon the inerrancy of the Bible? If so, and if they write their term papers in support of Biblical inerrancy, is it possible for them to get a passing grade in your class?



HA!  That’s a great question!

So, part of the deal of teaching in the Bible Belt is that lots of my students – most of them? – have very conservative views about the Bible as the Word ...

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The Life of Brian & The Apocalyptic Jesus


On the blog some months ago I mentioned the “Jesus and Brian” conference in London this past summer, devoted to exploring the Historical Jesus in light of Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The event was held at the King’s College London, Edmond J Safra Lecture Theatre, King’s Building, Strand, London WC2R 2LS on June 20-22nd, 2014.   I gave one of the talks at the conference, and it is provided here thanks to the labors of the audio-video team at ...

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The New Discussion Forum!!! Soon Up and Running.


A new day is dawning.   We have decided to establish a Discussion Forum for the blog.  It will be up and running very soon, probably later today.  Many thanks to Steven Ray, my assistant in all things technical and technological, for all his hard work in getting this set up.

The forum is designed to provide an outlet for members of the Bart Ehrman Blog (Christianity in Antiquity: The CIA) to have discussions *among themselves* about issues of interest to them.   ...

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Getting the Facts of My Life Straight


I have to admit, I sometimes get a bit tired of being the whipping boy for fundamentalist and conservative evangelical  Christian apologists.   If they would deal with my views head on and actually get the facts of my life right, it would be one thing.  But when they publicly accuse me of holding, or having held, positions that I never did – when they are flat our wrong in what they say about me — it gets under my skin.

The ...

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Gift Subscriptions!!!


I am very pleased to announce that we have a new addition to the Blog.   This could help you, me, and a person you love.  Or like.  Or would like to like.   A friend, a colleague, a family member.   The new addition: the possibility of a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION.

Many, many of you know of someone who would benefit from the blog.   By giving a gift subscription, you would make it possible.    It’s obvious why that would be a benefit to the ...

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New Discussion Forum: Suggestions?


Thanks to the hard work of my computer assistant, Steven Ray –if you have any website or related needs, he’s the guy to hire! – we are nearly ready to make a major change in the Bart Ehrman Blog, a.k.a. the CIA.   Because of regular and repeated requests, we are going to add a Discussion Forum, open to all paid members.

At present, as you know, the only way to “discuss” anything on the blog is by asking me a question, ...

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Yale Shaffer Lectures 3 of 3 – Christ Against the Jews


Here is the third of my Shaffer Lectures delivered almost exactly ten years ago.   This final one has to do with textual variants and apocryphal texts that show evidence of Christian anti-Judaism.  I call this one: Christ Against the Jews.   It is a topic that I continue to be interested in, and on which I plan to write a book for a general audience, at some time in the next few years (not about textual variants, but about ...

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Letter from Urban Ministries of Durham


As most of you know, there are four charities that the Bart Ehrman Blog supports.  Two of them are international:  CARE and Doctors Without Borders.  Two of them are local to me: The Food Bank of North Carolina and the Urban Ministries of Durham.   I very much wish we could support all of them more and more — they are all superb organizations.

But I have a special soft spot for the Urban Ministries of Durham.  Despite its name, it ...

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A Day In the Life of a Research Professor


I sometimes get asked what it is that professors in universities actually do.   The question is usually raised when someone realizes that at a major research university, most professors teach two classes a semester.  Classes tend to involve three hours of class time per week.   But that means a professor is in the classroom only six hours a week.  Is this a full time job?  Are you serious??  And on top of that you have tenure so that you can, ...

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Yale Shaffer Lectures 2 of 3 – Christ The Divine Man


As I indicated in a post last week, on October 12-14, 2004 I gave the three Shaffer lectures at Yale University,  on “Christ in the Early Christian Tradition: Texts Disputed and Apocryphal.” This is the second of those lectures, dealing with Christ as a Divine man.  (Again, the quality is not as high as we have come to expect over the past couple of years, because it was recorded originally on VHS.  But it’s been worked over to make it still ...

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