Many of us are (still!) considering some end-of-the-year giving as the End Draweth Nigh.   As it turns out, an unusual option and opportunity has just appeared for the blog.  An anonymous donor has pledged a matching $10,000 gift for all funds donated prior to the Happy New Year.  The donor will match donations up to that amount — which would (if my math skills are still intact) be a very nice end of the year climax of $20k.

All of the monies, of course, will go directly to the charities we support (if you don’t remember what those are, see this post: What Charities does the Blog Support?  [I’ll be updating the numbers in a few days]).  Not a penny will go to overhead — it all will go to those in need, a frustratingly increasing number, as we all know, given our current international crises and ongoing  problems here at home.

Are you interested?  Any amount would be so welcome and so well-used.  Donate simply by going to the blog, scrolling to the bottom of the landing page, and choosing from the two options.  Easy schmeazy and a lovely act of generosity.  All donations we receive before midnight Dec. 31 will be included in the match.

Many thanks to all, for your donations and for your support of the blog.