With this post I want to take a brief break from what I’ve been doing on the blog to assess how it’s going.   A couple of weeks ago now I decided to start posting on my current book project, How Jesus Became God.   My idea was that this would allow me to “think through” some issues out loud, as it were, as I put thoughts on screen, and it would allow people on the blog to see where I’m going with the book.   And so I’ve posted about a dozen or so posts on the topic, virtually without stop (well, there have one or two other things).  On the whole I would characterize these posts as relatively heavy-hitting as far as posts go: I’ve been trying to write for the blog members, (you!), who as a rule are not scholars but are highly intelligent lay people who may not have all the jargon and background of professional biblical folk, but who are interested in topics related to NT and early Christianity, and don’t mind seeing an argument play itself out in some depth.

And so I’m wondering if this is a good thing to be doing on the blog, or if it’s too … much:  too concentrated, too scholarly, too focused on one topic, too unrelenting.   Or if it’s a good thing.

Part of my concern is that I seem to be getting fewer people join the blog during these two weeks, and I don’t know if that’s because the partial public posts are not as appealing to people as other directions I could take on the blog.  Another part of my concern is that comments from those who are members are relatively few and far between (maybe 10 a day instead of 20).  I’m actually not complaining about that, as it means less work for me.  But I do want to make sure this direction (sustained reflection on a single topic, broadly defined) is a good one or not.

So, give me some feedback.  Is this a good thing to do, a bad thing to do, or something in between?  Do you like sustained reflection on a single topic played out over time, or would you prefer more constant variety?  Is one post after the other on a theme OK or would you rather it be mixed up?  Would you rather it be less scholarship and more personal reflections (about life and reality as we know it, for example?)?

As you no doubt know – since you have joined the blog! – my overarching goals for the blog are not only to perpetuate knowledge about Christianity in  Antiquity (from the New Testament up through the first three centuries or so) but also to do so in a way that raises money for charity.  If people are not satisfied, and if others are not signing up, then I’m failing miserably.   So do give me some feedback.  

And, to reiterate what I’ve said before, if you have any other suggestions for making the blog better or for increasing the number of people willing to be paying members, let me know that as well….