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Another Chance: Donating Free Memberships

In years past, when I’ve solicited donations to provide free year-long blog memberships to people in need, who really would love to be on the blog but simply cannot afford it because of personal circumstances, I’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.  For one reason or another that has not happened as much this year.  There have been a number of you who have donated, and for that I’m deeply, deeply grateful.  But the numbers are serious down – so much so that I asked my assistant Steven Ray if the post went out as normal or if there was some kind of glich.

No glich.  It’s just one of those years.  But I want to mention it again, a second time, just in case anyone was primed for a nudge.  I’ll be announcing the possibility of free memberships to those who need them in three days, and do not want to have a situation where there are dozens of needy and eager potential blog members that I/we cannot accommodate.

So if you can donate one or more membership, now would be the time!   We do it by increments of $25:  one membership is $25; two is $50;  four is $100; 1247 is $31,175.  You get the idea.   To donate you have only to do two things:  write me an email at behrman@email.unc.edu (not as a comment here on the blog) indicating how many you are willing to give, and then click the DONATE tab on the homepage of the blog and make the donation.  Voila!  More happy people in the world.

Sorry if this is a nag.  And many, many, many thanks both to those who have already generously donated.  And to those who may now also be inspired!

Free Memberships for Those Who Need Them!
Gift Memberships 2018!



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    kentvw  December 8, 2018

    “Jesus ain’t who they said he was”… Here we rip the foundation under from which you thought was truth out from underneath you, with truth…. Aunty M ain’t gonna be happy nor the rest of your family…. Would you like to join?
    Tough sale!
    Change in tax law and deductions has many of us 501c3’s hurting.

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