A number of people have suggested that it might be interesting for me to hold a live “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session.  I’ve been told that the term “AMA” is copyrighted (?!) and not open for public use.   So we are going to call this an ABA (“Ask Bart Anything”).  It will be over Zoom and will be open to anyone on the planet who wants to come.

The format: I will take live questions both orally and through chats.  The questions can be on ANY topic that anyone is interested in.  If it is something I don’t know anything about (quantum physics or the Ming Dynasty) or that I would rather not talk about (that little incident when I was 16….) I’ll just say so.  I will get through as many questions as I can, answering easy ones briefly and taking as long as I need to deal with more complicated ones.  My only request will be that questions are direct questions, not lectures, sermons, admonitions, condemnations, expositions of one’s favorite views, or statements of one’s opinions so the rest of the world can hear and convert.

Interested?   We’ll be doing this on Wednesday, February 17, 7:00-8:15 pm.   There is no cost, no need to register, no obligation of any kind.  Just show up.

With that said, I WOULD like to suggest if you come you make a donation to the blog in recognition of what we are trying to achieve through our charities.  The donation can be of any size, from $1 to $1 million.  But please feel free go to higher.   Every dollar that comes in will go directly out to our charities.  If you want to see what these are, go here: Charities We Support | The Bart Ehrman Blog .

AND here’s one additional item.  The Highest Donor will be allowed to have a ten-minute one-on-one back-and-forth with me on any questions of interest. If you would like a shot at that, please send an email with your proposed donation to my personal assistant, Diane Pittman, at [email protected]

Whether you bid or not and whether you feel inclined to donate or not,  I hope I see a number of you there!  This is the link:



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