In this thread on the Trinity I am developing at some length the first major issue: how did someone besides God come to be considered God among people who thought God and this other God were different yet continued to claim they were monotheists?  (Later I’ll talk about the Spirit, as many have asked; but there frankly is not nearly as much to say there, as we’ll see).

What I’ve spelled out so far is not hugely controversial among critical scholars of the New Testament and early Christianity. When the disciples came to believe in the resurrection, they thought that God had exalted Jesus to a unique, divine status. This is the oldest Christology there was. It is attested in such places as the pre-Pauline fragment in Rom. 1:3-4 and in several places, pre-Lukan, incorporated in the speeches of Acts.

And then what happened?

The Rest of this post tries to show how Christ came to be exalted more and more until his followers claimed he had been God from the beginning.  Want to see how it happened?  Keep reading!  To do so, all you need to is join the blog.  There’s a small membership fee, but it all goes to charity.  So join up!