I am now, alas, back from my two-weeks in Galapagos.   Whoa….

And I’m getting back to business on the blog.  Before leaving I placed a number of posts in queue and these have been published promptly.  I’m now starting to deal with the comments that came in during my absence.  This’ll take a couple of days, but I will get caught up soon.

For those of you who are Gold members, I’ve recorded the monthly hour-long Gold Q&A, soon to be released for your viewing/listening pleasure.  For those of you who are not Gold members: this is one of the perks at that level.  Take a look at your options and think about it!  Register – The Bart Ehrman Blog

All other blog things should be flyin’ along as usual.    If you have any problems, concerns, suggestions, or briefcases of small unmarked bills, let me/us know…