On November 15 I will be in Denver in order to give a talk (the following morning) at the Biblical Archaeology Society Fest (see https://travelstudy.bib-arch.org/seminars/21st-annual-bible-and-archaeology-fest).   Would anyone be interested in joining a “Blog Dinner” that evening (Thursday November 15)?  It would be a chance to get to know each other and talk about matters of mutual interest.

The only requirements for attendance would be that (a) you be a blog member; (b) you pay your own way – both getting to the event and your meal itself.  Otherwise, there is no expense and no requirement.   You don’t even have to feel obliged to say much!

If you can and want to come, zap me a note – not here on the blog, but to my email [email protected].  Do so right away: if past experience is any guide, the table will fill rather quickly.

I am looking for a minimum of three and maximum six people to come.  If/when the table is filled, I will put another announcement on the blog; if I don’t get more than a couple of takers then I’ll reschedule it for another time.