I can completely understand why some people choose not to believe in the Christian tradition, since I too am not a Christian.  But I find it a bit dismaying when people reject aspects of the Christian tradition for (literally) illogical reasons.  Or even worse, attack it for illogical reasons.  This often involves drawing unfounded religious conclusions from historical findings.   I’m sensitive to the issue because these findings are often ones that I myself talk about (findings of others that I subscribe to after looking into them).

My view is that there are good reasons for some people to hold on to their faith, and there are good reasons for other people to decide to leave the faith or never to come to faith in the first place.  But why do we need Bogus Arguments for Disbelief?  (Acronym:  BAD)

I’ll give here three examples, knowing full well that many people will object to them, especially the first one (since people regularly do, here on the blog!).  I don’t mean to be slamming anyone or their beliefs; I simply mean to say that these arguments don’t work, and if they’re ones that you’ve been using on yourself or others, maybe you should rethink them.

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