Here is the final bit of my interview with the South Korean Buddhist editors The Monthly YangWoo Magazine 3/2020.  Not surprisingly they were particularly interested in my views of why there is suffering in the world.  As you know, that is a central component of Buddhist thought.   I know many people who find Buddhist approaches highly satisfying; many others who simply do not think that way.

My own writings about suffering – especially my book God’s Problem — have all been connected in one way or another with the western tradition, rooted in both Judaism and Christianity, especially as these are seen in the Bible itself.  I make no qualms about the fact that these are the traditions I resonate with.  I do not think that is either good or bad, in part because I do not believe it is *possible* to have a neutral position on important questions – any important question (arguably any question at all!).  Even if you try.  And even if you claim you do have a neutral position.

And so I wrestle with suffering from where I am, from what I know, from what I’ve experienced, and from how I think.  So do they – but their world is very different.  In any event, my answers here are short and to the point, as required by the context of the interview…..

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