A month ago, on February 21 I had a public debate with Mike Licona at the Bailey Performance Center at Kennesaw State University on the topic: Are the Gospels Historically Reliable? Ratio Christi and KSU History Club hosted the event. Moderator was Dr. Brian Swain, a historian of Mediterranean antiquity on the faculty there.

You can probably guess the two sides we took in the debate.  The crowd was largely on his side, which made for a very interesting evening.  As I think you’ll see, even though Mike and I disagree on most things, we have a good, friendly relationship.

It was a long evening — lots of back and forth, with a Q & A with the audience to follow.  At times it got, well, animated.  Here is part 1.  I’ll post the second part next week.

Part 1: Please adjust gear icon for 720p High-Definition.

Mike Licona is the author of The Resurrection of Jesus, Why Are There Differences in the Gospels and Evidence for God.