I still have a few free one-year blog memberships to give out, thanks to the impressive generosity of many of you, who graciously donated funds so that others who cannot afford membership could be given a year subscription.   Do you know anyone who would love to be on the blog but simply can’t afford it?  We can give them a great present for the holiday season.   All they have to do is write me and explain why they can’t afford the dues (they don’t have to give all the gory details!  Just enough to make me understand why they would like to take advantage of the opportunity).

Please do not reply here, on the blog, as a comment.   Instead, ask your friend, acquaintance, family member, neighbor, pastor, or rabbi to send me a separate email, privately, at [email protected].   In their email, in addition to letting me know their situation they should and provide me with the following information:

1)      First and last name.

2)      Preferred personal email.

3)      Preferred user name (no spaces).

4)      Preferred password (should be 8 or more characters, no spaces).


Many thanks to all — those who donated and those of you who can spread the word that some memberships are still available.