Easter celebrates the greatest irony of the Christian religion:  those who worship Jesus do not believe what he taught but what his followers taught about him after his death.  That is especially true about one key question the Christian faith addresses: what does it mean to be saved after we die?  Around the world today, billions of Christians believe that Jesus died and then on Easter, was raised from the dead and taken up to heaven to live with God.  As a corollary, they believe that when they die, they too will go to live with God.  That is not at all what Jesus thought.

Jesus did not believe a person’s soul would live on after death, either to experience bliss in the presence of God above, or to be tormented for sins in the fires of hell below.  Jesus did not believe the soul would go anywhere after death.  As a Jew of the first century he did not think the soul could exist outside the body.

Christians two thousand years later do not understand what it means to be human as Jews did in Jesus’ day.  Most Christians view the soul as…

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